Consider the comfort of your passengers

When I was first learning to drive, my mother advised me to consider the comfort of my passengers as I sped up, slowed down, and took the corners.

The same applies to presentations and software demonstrations:

  • “Can everyone hear me okay?”
  • If online, “I want to make sure I’m sharing my computer full screen.”
  • Set your screen resolutions low, to 1024×768.  It seems odd to go low resolution in a world of 24 inch monitors and hi-definition projectors, but your software has to look big, bold, and simple.  Showing all fifty fields doesn’t gain you any credibility.
  • Pay special attention to your mouse, moving it slowly and with purpose.  Drag it in a straight line,  very slowly circling key areas you want to highlight.  Let your pointer sit if it has nothing to do.  Don’t talk with your mouse the same way you talk with your hands.  No shakes, no jumps, no bruises.

No-one should spill their coffee when you’re behind the wheel.  They’re out for a scenic drive, so be their chauffeur through your solutions.

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