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Oh the Places You’ll Go


In Pre-Sales you travel once every week or three.

Over the years you’ll get to know your way around major cities and make some long drives into the smaller ones.  You’ll develop your travel habits; where you put your car keys in your bag, which floor of the parking garage you prefer, hotel brands, when you’ll do your ironing.

Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Diego, Hartford, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Charlotte.

Germany, Spain, Holland.

Multiple times.

Take some pictures!


The other side of the bed

We’re creatures of habit and convenience.

It might be the view to the television, the wall the bed is near, or just a matter of how the room is laid out, but in a given hotel room, most of the guests naturally get into the bed on a certain side.

Travel tip:

For a better night’s sleep, slide on over to check out the other side of the bed.  You may discover a practically unused section of the mattress.  Instant room upgrade!

Goodnight and pleasant dreams, road warriors.

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